Oxford Prospects Programmes Online offers the opportunity for undergraduates attending universities across the world to experience a slice of Oxford’s academic excellence, even in a pandemic. Our online programmes offer themed courses configured into interdisciplinary modules. High-profile scholars deliver academically rigorous lectures and stimulating interactive seminars. Held in small intimate groups, these seminars provide direct access to the tutor, enabling every student to experience meaningful interaction and active learning. Participative workshops guide students through the practical and pastoral dimensions of applying to, studying through and career-building after, postgraduate education. 

Participants select ONE from these six interdisciplinary modules:

  • English and Arts – including Linguistics, Literature, Education
  • Business, Finance and Management 
  • Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  • Science and Technology – including A.I.
  • Biology – including Medicine and Psychology
  • Social Science – including History, Gender Studies and Sociology

Accompanying workshops take participants through the trajectory from university application to post-graduation career pathways, with topics such as: application process, Personal Statement writing, admissions interviews; academic essay writing, presentation skills, research methodology; study abroad, mental health and peer support, Student Panel discussion. The emphasis is on engendering participants’ motivation, practice in critical thinking and research skills, self-awareness and wellbeing, with opportunities for peer interaction and networking. 

Participants receive directed reading lists and other set materials in advance, and follow-on assignments consolidating and extending their learning and developing their independent research skills. The emphasis is on substantive intellectual exposure and stimulation, encouraging participants to think critically and to broaden and deepen their knowledge of their selected field of study.